Meet Sally

My Name is Sally and I am a Freelance Videographer, Photographer and Edit Assistant based in the West Midlands.

Growing up I was always that child with a camera in her hand taking pictures of everyone as well as the exciting sights that I would see around me.

I always was fascinated with my family history and hearing stories that my grandparents would often tell thinking that it would be the perfect story for a film. I always adored films and knew that one day I wanted to make them.

I love meeting new people and experiencing new things so it made perfect sense to me after sixth form, to go straight into the film and television industry to learn as much as I could from it from the people who work in it.

My experiences and positions ranged from working on film sets such as Ready Player One and even working in television shows like Britain’s Got Talent. All were absolutely amazing, however, after accomplishing this for a few years I just looked at my own family back in Worcestershire and this idea developed.

This is where my drive to start doing Living Memories and Hopwood Productions came from.

I am still very passionate about the television film industry so whilst also doing this business. I also am currently working as a Freelance Edit Assistant for various Post Production companies in the West Midlands. My credits include BBC Drama’s Father Brown, Shakespeare&Hathaway and Doctors as well as recently co editing a short film ‘Fortune Cookie’ which is due for release next year.

About Living Memories

Since I was very small I was always fascinated by two things; films and my grandparent’s stories. I always loved hearing about the difference in both sets of grandparents and what adventures they had from World wars, class difference, and life before technology. I did not know the importance of trying to keep these memories safe until I lost my amazing Grandfathers and Nan.

After thinking about this for a few years I lost no time in asking my grandmother if she would be happy to have a sit-down and talk to me just about her life. It then occurred to me that a lot of families would probably love to have something similar with their family members and memories to keep forever.

It is my aim to capture these memories for you whether it be through photography of a happy family occasion or a face to face documentary on film as the most important stories are not from book or films but those that come directly from our own families to pass from generation to generation.

About Hopwood Productions

“I would highly recommend Sally, she captured our wedding day perfectly. She was easily contactable and professional although extremely personable and fitted into our day seamlessly. Thank you Sally x”

Wedding’s are definitely one of the highlights of doing Videography as a whole. To witness two people’s happiness and love bringing families and friends together is something magical to witness which is why I started doing Wedding Videography and Photography.

From witnessing my own family members wedding and being able to capture those moments I instantly saw another side to this company that I truly adore.

To be able to film, edit and grade the speeches, the first dance, the wedding montages and even family and friends messages through a video guest book. I see first hand the happy memories people make and it truly is one of the perks of this job and a memory that you can keep forever to look back on.

All videos that I produce are unique to each couple to show the energy, love and fun times that you had on your special day with your nearest and dearest.

About My Inspiration

I have a big family and to me it was always an amazing thought when I stopped and looked at all of my family and thought that this all came just from my two amazing sets of Grandparents.

Christmases, Birthday’s and Anniversaries were always so exciting and enjoyable growing up and some have stayed a big family tradition to this day which is when I thought of the basis of Living Memories and the focus of family.

I always loved being creative and mashing the two definitely was a very ‘me’ approach to accomplishing the next step in my career and life.

Good News! We are still operating all our video production services subject to Government Guidelines during this crisis.